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Wreath it! Reusable Wreath Base - Stop Using A Flimsy Wire Work Wreath Base - Our's Is Easy!

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Wreath It!

My new Patent Pending wreath making system is here!
This listing is for the wood Wreath it! base with Optional chenille stems. Instructions will be provided on how you can make a wreath style like the photos in our listing.

Wreath It! is a sturdy base that is easier to use than wire work wreaths. Plus, it is reusable!

Constructing a beautiful wreath is simple with the Wreath It! base.

The round wood frame measures 15 1/2" with holes for 16 chenille stems. The stems are used to secure bunches of burlap or mesh netting, ribbon or fabric to easily create a wreath. Your finished wreath will measure approximately 22-24" or more.

You don't have to be a florist or an experienced crafter to make a beautiful wreath with Wreath It!

Wreath It! Features:

- The wood base has 16 holes for exact placement of chenille stems. No guesswork, like a wire work wreath. Stems stay in place. No slipping around on the frame leaving your wreath lopsided.

- The wood base has (3) set of holes for placement of your bow. The sets are on the top, bottom and left sides. Pick a placement and simply tie your bow by twisting the wire on the back of the wood base. No more digging around in the wreath to find the right place to tie-off your bow! Easily change your bow when your want!

- Want to attach an an ornament to your wreath, such as a letter? The wood base has (4) sets of holes for placement. Pick your place and simply tie it on! Again, you no longer have to "dig around" in your wreath to find the right and sturdy place.

- The flat-back design lays neatly against your wall or door. The fullness of your wreath is puffed to the front!

- Very easy to disassemble completely to create a new wreath. Easy to change your bow and accessories. Easy to change the ribbon / fabric clusters for a new look!

I have made thousands of wreaths to sell in my physical store, Etsy Store, festivals and shows. This wreath base is so simplistic that my husband can even make a beautiful wreath!