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Kentucky State Police Bourbon Barrel Head

Regular price $150.00

The top is approximately a 20" diameter.

This piece is very unique. We hand paint portions on the head. A wood ring with an inlay Kentucky State shape is painted and affixed to the face of the bourbon head.

These lids are very rustic. Some will still smell of bourbon! They are authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Heads.

Each lid will differ from what is seen in the photos. Each barrel head is unique and will have blemishes such as stains, saw marks, and gaps between boards. Each one is unique. These heads are so naturally rustic, we only apply a wax and matte finish to accentuate the aged oak style. The lids were charred on the back, but we have sealed and reinforced the back with a plywood circle.

If you are looking for a lid with no imperfections or rustic look, you will need to shop with a store that has new, unused heads. Those are very hard to find!

I love our bourbon lids and so do many happy customers. The aged looks adds to the authenticity.